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I took yesterday off from exercise of a planned sort. It takes me longer to recover than it used to, and I suppose that can be chalked up to aging, arthritis, and the continuing unseasonably cool weather. In any case, I was pretty stiff yesterday. I still am, if you’re keeping score, but I’m planning on weights and yoga today to help ease that and keep things moving along. I may go for a walk later on, as well, just to shake off some slight blues (weather-related, I’m pretty sure).

Tomorrow I’m off to the great Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival with some friends and am hoping for decent weather. Most of the vendors are inside, but it’s always fun to walk around the fairgrounds where the festival is held, see who’s got what out under the tents, and maybe take in a little duck-herding. Whatever the weather, I’ll be with good friends, and that’s something to be glad of.

I got to spend some time with two of my favorite knitting folks last night and had a lovely potluck dinner, played a very enjoyable game (my winning had little to do with the enjoyment, but my winning is worth noting because it happens so seldom), and spent some time watching some Netflix and knitting.

I’m really pleased to say that the Random Hats project has picked up nicely in the last few days–number 48 is off the needles and number 49, which I only cast on yesterday, is well over half-way done. Yay! I’m so going to hit that goal of 54 by 54! I’ll be very likely casting on number 50 to take along tomorrow, as I’ll need to decrease on 49 soon and I have a hard time counting when there’s conversation and such going on–that activity is one I’m best left to do in solitude. I have a weird disconnect in my brain that makes it almost impossible for me to do simple tasks when there’s background noise. Go figure.

That’s my weekend–hope yours is a good one, too! Happy Saturday, all!

ETA: Weights and yoga are done as of just after noon. I mixed things up a little and did a different yoga routine, one that I couldn’t get through the first time I tried it. I did it, all 30 minutes of it, and though I had to modify some poses, I still did it and I feel triumphant right now. I even nailed downward facing dog, which I could not do a few weeks ago. I’m getting stronger, surer, sassier. Oh, this is such a good thing!

For the rest of today, I’m committing to making good food choices, and to feeding my soul instead of my belly.

Do something good for YOU today.

EATA: Number 49–done! Woot! Number 50–cast on! Double woot!


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