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Sunny Monday

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Yesterday’s gray and blustery morning yielded to a glorious afternoon and evening, still on the cool side, but wonderfully sunny. I met up with some friends at the newly christened Roosevelt Park for the kickoff concert for Roosevelt Summer Sundays, a free, open-air concert series each summer that my friend S has worked on organizing, along with several others, for the last decade and change. It was a darn good time, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming concert next Sunday already. There’s something really wonderful about coming together with folks out in a beautiful park space and listening to live music, and sharing it with good friends is just the gravy on my spuds.

I got my walk in yesterday prior to the concert, too, and while the first half wasn’t the best ever, I swear I felt like I could almost fly on the way back. Given my open schedule today, coupled with the spectacular weather, another walk today would not go amiss at all. I’m beginning to really anticipate the good feelings of well-being and the sense of freedom I have when I walk, and those are fine reasons to tape up what needs taping, BenGay what needs BenGaying, and brace what needs bracing. Feeling good is worth some effort.

Other little bits of news to share: I had a moment of clarity (or something) a week or two ago as I was sunning on a rock (I must have been a turtle in another life, because I love sunning on a rock), and it’s this–I’m not ready to start the job hunt just yet. Not that I’ll ever be truly ready, but it hit me that I’d spent the whole long winter pining for warmth and sun and clear skies and green, growing things, and I don’t want to miss all that this year because I’m inside somewhere, working. Selfish? Maybe. Stupid? I don’t think so. Whatever it is, I don’t want to miss the summer. I won’t be job hunting until fall, or perhaps winter. I have money enough to get me by if I’m careful, and I’m careful, so barring calamity, I’m on summer vacation until further notice.

That said, I’d totally take any house-sitting gigs I might be able to find. That’s good stuff, house-sitting.

Lastly, there’s this–hat number 47 is off the needles and number 48 has been cast on. My goal for this month is to have at least number 51 off the needles, leaving me only three to go to hit my goal of 54 total by the end of July. I’m doing this!


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