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After a wonderful respite yesterday, we’re back to an unsettled weather day. It’s currently mostly cloudy, the air feels juicy, and I’d be surprised if there isn’t some rain later on. We dodged a bullet in terms of flooding in the last few days, though rivers and streams and lakes and ponds–all of which I visited yesterday–are very full. Unless we get a deluge, I’m thinking and hoping it won’t be a repeat of 2010.

The laundry’s going right now and I’ll have clean sheets tonight. I always look forward to that, though changing the sheets seems to be a chore. But then I remember my grandma using a wringer washer to do all the laundry down on the farm, and that was a huge improvement over boiling everything in the giant and wickedly heavy wash pot. I should not complain. All I have to do is take stuff upstairs, turn a dial or two, and I have laundry.

On the agenda for today is my weights routine and some yoga for my back, hanging with my kitters–we had such a good afternoon yesterday, sitting on the back porch enjoying the sun and birds and squirrels and reading (me) and napping (them)–maybe a short walk later if the heavens don’t open up. It’ll be a good day, whatever the weather.

Happy Wednesday, all!

ETA: Laundry’s just about taken care of, and I’ve done my weights and yoga, both of which left me sweating but feeling mighty fine. A brief thunderstorm moved through a bit ago, but it wasn’t serious about doing much other than making some noise. Lunch is over, too, and I’m looking ahead to my afternoon. Yep, it’s a good day.

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