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Another cool and overcast day. I’d love to do nothing more than curl up with a book or my knitting or watch some TV–I’ve been watching “Firefly” lately, a show I could never get into until just a few days ago, and I finally get its popularity–but other things will have to come before goofing off.

I finally resumed my workout regimen yesterday and boy oh boy, did it feel good! Weights and yoga for my back were just the ticket to get me back in the groove after a sporadic week last week. Today, if I don’t mow the lawn (I’m house and cat-sitting this week and next and part of the package includes mowing), I’m aiming for a walk. If it doesn’t rain. Again. I may not work up quite the lather I have on the last few walks, but the movement will be good regardless.

Also on my agenda for today is a whole lot less time online. I’ve been working on a project with several other folks that has been taking up way too much of my time. It could be that I’m letting that happen, and feeling too responsible for folks who could be taking more initiative instead of relying on others to do the work for them. I’m all for helping folks out, but sometimes it’s best to let others fumble and make their own mistakes and learn from them in the process, so I’m going to be stepping back from this project somewhat.

That’s my day sorted, more or less–hope your day sorts itself out nicely, as well. Happy day, all!

ETA: I ran across this a bit ago while getting caught up on SouleMama, one of the scant handful of blogs on my “keeper” list. I liked it a lot, and maybe you will. And in case you didn’t know it, you’re all this, too. REally.

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