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Love the ones you love

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It’s cool and overcast here today, after a couple of loud and flashy thunderstorms moved through last night. I don’t know what the forecast is for today–I tend to avoid the news and other unpleasant things as much as possible. My day-to-day life has enough challenges and difficulties to get through. I don’t seek out more, as a general rule.

That said, I do know of the horrible tornado in Oklahoma, the destruction, and the loss of life. Reports on Facebook this morning have said that there were fewer lives lost because of the storm than originally reported and that’s worth rejoicing over. It doesn’t, however, ease the sorrow of the families and friends who did lose someone they loved.

Mr. F and I drove through Joplin, MO–I’ve probably written of this before, and if so, forgive me–a few weeks after the tornado devastated that city. I’ll never forget the mounting feelings of desolation and horror as we drove from parts of the city wholly untouched toward utter destruction. So yes, I feel for those poor folks in Oklahoma. Any Midwesterner who’s lived through a goodly number of tornado seasons would.

Here’s hoping all of you have a good, and safe, day today. Love the ones you love, and let them know it. Life is too short and uncertain to let those words go unsaid.


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