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It was a long day yesterday. I’d been awake since about 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, got up at 4:05 a.m. on Sunday, hit the road at 5:30 to pick up my brother, and then the long drive to Decorah, but it was oh, so worth it to see my girl graduate! The weather was iffy, so the planned outdoor ceremony was moved inside, but in the end, the sun shone on Lauren and her fellow grads. It was an honor to be there, to celebrate her accomplishments, to see where she’s spent so much of the last four years of her life, and to know that, despite all she’s done, she’s still the sweet, sunny, funny girl she’s always been. Meeting her special fella was great, too. I liked him very much, and though I have no say in it, I very much approve.

In all, it was well over a 350-mile  round trip to Decorah, tucked way up in the northeast corner of the state, but it went well. My brother gamely drove the whole way, and frankly, I was so tired on the way back I would have been no good as a driver. The route on the way up was much more scenic and enjoyable than the one home (our dad’s fault–he hardly ever drove the same route twice if he could help it. He liked seeing what was out there, and my brothers and I are much the same way), which included the god-awful endless stretch of US 20 from Waterloo west to I-35. I’ve driven that one other time by myself and it’s possibly the most boring and tedious drive on the planet. There is NOTHING to see. It’s worse than driving the interstate, and I hate driving the interstate. But we made it, and did so ahead of some nasty weather, and that’s what counts.

I’m being a bum today, resting up, knitting, hanging out with cats–mine and the kitters I’m cat-sitting–watching some TV, getting in a walk later on if the weather cooperates, and, well, being a bum. I’m lucky to have that choice.

Have a good Monday, all!



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