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Yesterday was a rest day. I was just too stiff and sore. Wah! Getting older is hard work! Today is better and though it’s going to be a hot one–it’s already up to 85 at noon–I’m planning on a walk later on. I may wait until the cool of the evening, however.

Last night saw some Mandatory Family Fun which, though it devolved some toward the end, was really kind of fun. We celebrated Mother’s Day and my oldest brother’s April birthday a tad late, but better late than never. Good eats were to be had at the legendary Hickory Park, and even though the server screwed up my drink order (twice), it was a great meal, topped off by a small serving of ice cream (which, unlike other treats, does not make me crazy. It just made me full).

That’s my Tuesday in a nutshell–hope yours is a good one!





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