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Welcome news from Ann this morning: Linn is off the ventilator and whispered a few words to her. She managed a few hours’ sleep overnight and seems to be in good spirits. The hope now is that recovery goes smoothly. Hold onto those good thoughts.

It’s a beautifully sunny, if windy and somewhat cool day. I’m aiming for a walk later on, after taking yesterday as a rest day. I had the most spectacular walk on Thursday this week and am hoping lightning will strike twice. Though I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, it was an exhilarating walk, at a clip that was much faster than I’d normally walk (thanks to my MP3 player. Fast-paced music equals a fast-paced walk), got my heart pumping, and the sweat pouring. I was grinning like a fool at the end. I felt I’d really accomplished something, and as breathless, sweaty, and red-faced as I was, I was one happy girl. That, my friends, was a fantastic feeling!

After a little indulgent eating last night–I met up with some of my knitting pals for pizza and wine and other goodies, and yep, I snuck a very few M&Ms–I’ll be watching what I eat today as well. I’ve gone almost completely off sugar (again) after an episode a couple of weeks ago that left me somewhat shaken. Sugar is not my friend. I’ll keep repeating that until I really, truly get it.

Overall, this has been a good week for me. I’m even glad of that horrifying glimpse of myself I had, for two reasons: it gave me a reality check, and it spurred me on toward getting more serious about getting myself back. Good can come out of bad, oftentimes. You do have to be open to the possiblities, however.

Wishing you a great day, all!

ETA: I passed 6,000 views on the blog sometime yesterday. That’s kind of a big deal to me, and I thank you for making that happen.

Also worth noting: hat number 44 is off the needles and number 45 is well underway. I’m gonna make that goal of 54 by 54!


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