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Sweat equity

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That’s what I was thinking yesterday when I was out for my walk. Every drop was an investment in the smaller, better, stronger, happier, more purposeful me to come.

Out the door and to the park took me a matter of seconds, MP3 player on full blast, the music motivating me to get it moving a little faster. That’s been a missing element, that music. I’d meant to update the music on my player last month, but it didn’t happen. I’m not sure that matters too much right now. What’s there now–it sure worked for me yesterday. I was thrilled when, “Disco Inferno (burn that mother down!)” blasting in my ears, a woman runner passed me by and said “you walk faster than I run.” So not true, but a great compliment, and a great motivator.

I’m not sure how far I walked in total–a mile and a half? two?–but that doesn’t matter, not really, not right now. What matters is that I got out, I got moving at a pace that brought my heart rate up, that got all that lovely, necessary sweat pouring down, and that made me feel so damn good.

I walked up to where there’s a medicine wheel–I’m sure I’ve written about it before–and sat there in the sun for a good long sit-and-just-be. I got sunburnt. My butt went to sleep. I didn’t care. It’s a place of calm and peace and healing for me and I mean to spend more time there in the upcoming days and weeks. One thing I’m going to get off my bucket list soon is an early morning walk up there, thermos of coffee and carton of yogurt in tow, to greet the day in that place of peace.

Stay with me. I know it’s been a slow train coming, but it’s on its way. I intend to be a different woman by summer’s end.

Savor your day, all.


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