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Brain dump Wednesday

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It’s a gorgeous day, sunny and much warmer than it’s been the last few days, and it’s calling to me. I won’t be inside too much longer this afternoon, and you can bet I won’t be coming back in until I absolutely have to. Days like these are as precious as gold. More precious, because once gone, they’ll never come back. You can hang onto gold if you want–I’d rather have golden days.

Hat number 42 is coming along and it’ll be off the needles by days’ end or someone is getting what-for (that would be me). No word yet on when number 43 will be cast on.

I’m thinking about getting a passport. No reason, really, other than I’ve never had one and it somehow seems a hopeful act.

I’m trying really hard to be a better friend. I’m trying to remember to send a card or a note on days that matter to the other person. I’m getting better at it, slowly. Sometimes, a little note in the mail can turn another person’s day around. I want to remember that.

I have a boatload of white socks–which, by the way, I do match up before putting them away, and yep, I really am a super-sexy minx in my white socks–but I still seem to run out of them awfully fast. I need a laundry minion. Laundry and cleaning the bathroom are the two household tasks that I really don’t like the most. Dusting is pretty high up there, too.

Customer reviews on Amazon are good snarky reading. Look up the banana slicer if you haven’t already.

Well. Sitting here does not get my white socks matched up and put away, nor does it get me closer to the great outdoors, so later, taters. Be good today. Don’t forget to be good to yourselves, either, because you deserve it. Yes, YOU. I mean it. You are worthy. Just sayin.’

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I'm a reader and writer and knitter, a sister, daughter, and friend. This blog is my letter, of love and hate, frustration and joy, rants and praises, to a great big world. You can read it if you want to.

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  1. The banana slicer comment peaked my interest. Checked it out on Amazon. Reading the comments produced the best laugh I’ve had all week. Thanks.


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