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I finished up hat number 40 last night while watching Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge (anyone else watching that? Jeremy Pivens’s performance is so stiff and sometimes hard to watch, but I keep watching because I’m interested in Agnes and her story). I cast on number 41 this morning when I met up with some of my knitting pals and made good progress on the ribbing. I’m really going to see this project to completion, and that’s going to feel  good! Even better will be boxing up the hats and sending them off to wherever they’re needed.

Don’t, however, look for 55 by 55. This has been a great experiment and I’m not in any way sorry I’ve undertaken this project, but I have felt constrained at times, and really sick of hats at others. I don’t intend to stop knitting for others, but I don’t think I’ll set such deadlines as I have this past year. I have a vision for my knitting in the future–maybe that sounds grandiose for such a humble craft, but I do. I’m not quite ready to share what it is, but when the time is right, I will. I’ll keep on knitting whatever shakes out.

Something else I’m going to keep doing is simply what I’ve been doing in regard to taking care of myself better. Aside from stronger and more defined arms and shoulders, I had a nice surprise when I glanced in the mirror this morning and saw a difference in my waist. That ab work is visibly starting to pay off, and I’m not quitting! I may be making slow progress, but it’s still progress and I’ll take it. I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I’m feeling more myself. A little sassy. I like that.

ETA: News is just breaking about the explosions in Boston and the many victims of this latest act of senseless cruelty and hate, and my thoughts are inevitably there. Only good can overcome evil.


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