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Things making me happy today

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It’s overcast and cool here today, and though I have bare feet, owing more to not having any clean socks than anything else, there will be no wearing of shorts for me today. I enjoyed the heck out of it yesterday but today calls for long pants.

These things are making me happy today:

1. It’s trash day and when I scurried out barefooted to add my offerings, I had to dodge worms on the sidewalk. Worms on the sidewalk mean the ground has warmed up. This is a happy in my book.

2. Bawling over my book. It was mostly hearty sniffling since I was reading in my car at the park and it was just lousy with people there and ya know, it’d look kind of stupid if I were sitting there bawling bawling. Why it makes me happy is this: I’m still affected and moved by stories. I thought for a long while I’d lost that particular magic, but am so grateful to find it still there.

3. Clean, warm, dry socks.

4. Notice today that my last invoice submitted to my previous employer will be honored. I’ve decided not to submit my final one–somehow I don’t think it’d be worth the hassle for all seven dollars and twenty cents.

5. I won a book giveaway on Goodreads! Yay!

6. I had a great walk yesterday. I felt good and the sun–oh man, it felt fantastic! It’s good I got out then, because I don’t think I will today. The temps have dropped almost 20 degrees since this morning. That is NOT making me happy.

7. The new word for the day: malapert.

8. My friend, Linda, is celebrating her birthday today. She’s a good, good person, and she makes me happy.

Happy day to you!




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