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Sunny, 70, shorts

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So maybe I shouldn’t be wearing shorts any more at my advanced age, but come on–after the winter that would not die and a possibility of a light wintery mix one morning later this week, I think I can be a little reckless just this once. Yes, my legs are pasty white and I need to shave them, and my feet–well, let’s not even talk about how bad my feet look, or how I’m not in prime condition for warm-weather gear (yet, but dammit, this is the last year I intend for that to be the case). 70 feels so hopeful. So almost summery. Warm, even, so give a girl a break here. At least I’m not in short shorts! (Though for the record I have great looking, if pale and hairy, legs. Just sayin’.)

I took the stinky cat out onto the patio for a bit, on harness, naturally, and just being able to sit outside for a while listening the the trills of the red wing blackbirds was a treat. Millie seemed to enjoy it, too, though it was a short stay in the great outdoors. I bought her a NEW! IMPROVED! kind of harness and I’m guessing from the way it looked on her that it wasn’t the most comfortable. We’ll just go back to the old one, and maybe one of my cat-owning friends with a somewhat more svelte kitty will benefit from the purchase. I’m good with that.

On the agenda for the afternoon is a walk up to my favorite spot in the park nearby, a good long sit-and-just-be, then a walk back, and it sounds like an ideal plan to me. Staying inside all day on a day like this would be a sin.

Happy Monday, all!


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