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I went for a walk last evening and sort of just kept going. I didn’t mean to go as far as I did, but I eventually ended up at a favorite, though long-neglected, spot in the park close to my house. There’s a large medicine wheel to honor the plains Indians of long ago, and I always walk the  wheel before settling myself on one of the granite rocks that surround the wheel. One fits my backside pretty well, and I sat on it for a long time, looking out over the plain below me, the lake beyond it shimmering as blue as sapphire. It’s a place of peace and contemplation for me, and I’d nearly forgotten how much pleasure that spot has given me.

It was quite something to be able to walk to it, cold or no cold, aching back or not. I just kept going until I got there, and the rewards were well worth any discomfort along the way. Also rewarding was knowing that I’ve built some stamina–or re-built it, which would be more accurate. Little by little, I’m getting there, and I’ll just sort of keep going.

Happy Wednesday!

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