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It started coming on last night. The first telltale sign was a sore roof of the mouth–never a good thing in my world. It made its way down and I spent a pretty miserable night with a very sore throat, and although it’s not as sore now, I feel–well, crappy. I feel crappy. But I suspect I’ll get over it, and in a few days, this episode will be a dim memory.

Here’s the good in this: I’m not flat-on-my-back-praying-for-death sick. I’m dressed and my hair’s clean, I can sit up, I ate my breakfast and lunch like a big girl, and I’ve been able to work today. I may not do much else, but it could be so much worse. Just this morning I read a status update on Facebook from a man who was an adjunct instructor for the university I once worked for. He’s a decent sort of guy, kindhearted and good-humored and sincere, and he has cancer and is fighting for his life. He feels like crap every single day now. Kind of puts things in perspective for me.

That said, I do plan to take a day off from my normal exercising. Trying to breathe deeply when your nose is stuffed up doesn’t work so well.


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