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Week in review 3/24/13

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There’s a bit of snow falling right now, though it doesn’t seem to be sticking very well and that is just fine by me. More than we’re getting had been predicted and I was planning a day of watching Dr. Who–my friend S suggested I might like the latest iteration of the good Doctor, and so far, I really do–and knitting, but those plans may alter with somewhat more decent weather. I don’t know yet. What I do know is that I don’t want to spend all day online. I’m finding I’m much happier about the shape of my days when I spend less time messing with my computer.

Here’s a quick recap of the week that was, 3-H-wise:

Health: I’m still maintaining a five-to-six-day-a-week, close to 30 minute exercise routine. My knee has been acting up again so there was no walking this week, but there was a pretty good mix of weight training every other day, ab work every day, yoga, and really bad dancing. I’ll be devoting some time each day to strengthening the muscles around my knees from here on out–I’m determined to get out and walking again. It’s the best way I’ve found for me to get rid of my belly, and it’s going to go.

There are continued changes in my body, but as I told a friend earlier this week, unless you’re looking at me nekked, you’re probably not seeing them, yet. But they’re coming, slowly but surely. There is that part of me that wants a dramatic change overnight, but this way–small, steady change–is probably best in the long run. I’m not complaining! I’m really pleased with what I’ve accomplished so far.

Gold star for the week!

Heart: Hat number 36 is off the needles. 37 is scheduled for a start later today; with that, I should be on track toward meeting my goal for the month of having a total of 37 done. Gold star!

Happiness: I’m doing a better job overall of shutting off the TV and computer and spending some quiet time reading each day. I’ve missed a couple of days this week, but it’s less of a struggle for me to shut the gadgetry down and engage with a book. I’m finding my sleep is deeper and more restful when I avoid TV and online activities before sleep, and who doesn’t like a good sleep? There’s still some room for improvement, but I’m giving myself a gold star for good effort.

Other things I’ve been doing this week to enhance my overall happiness have included “unliking” pages on Facebook that no longer interest me. My news feed has been so clogged with junk that it was time to start getting rid of it. I’ve also been unsubscribing from junk emails, and that feels good, too. Little by little, I’m ridding myself of things, real or virtual, that no longer serve me. It’s freeing.

So, there you have it–small changes that add up, given time. Changes in attitude and outlook as well as activity and wellness. The new normal. I can do this.

But I still miss Mr. F. Every single day.

Have a peaceful day, all.


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