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A late post today because I played hooky and met up with some of my knitting pals this morning. Between dental work and crap weather and having to make a little money, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to see them, and it was a good morning. Not a lot of knitting was done overall, but that doesn’t matter. The friendships do. I’m not one bit sorry I took off from work. Money’s important, but it’s not even close to everything.

I had kumquats on yesterday’s list of things that made me happy. They did, too, until I ate one. They are nasty bullets full of sour. I’m really glad I only bought six of them–a single one is about as big as two grapes–and I only paid 85 cents for the things in total. I ate ’em, but I never will again. Nasty. Still, I never would have known if I hadn’t tried them and it’s good to push out of my area of experience now and then. Keeps things fresh.

That’s about it from here, for now. I’m done working for the day, I’m ready to do a little exercise, and then, I’m going to get out while it’s still above freezing. Despite the snow that’s supposed to be headed our way this weekend, the ice is breaking up on the lake just north of where I live and that’s a hopeful sign. I still believe in spring!

Happy Friday, all.


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