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Cold Monday

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Still in the grips of winter here–I’ve been watching the temps drop in fairly steady fashion all morning. I’d hoped to get out for a while this morning to meet up with some knitting pals, but another delivery of light snow overnight with a dandy layer of ice underneath put a stop to that. Maybe Friday? Fingers crossed, because it sure would be nice to see them.

Yesterday’s sunshine seems like a faint memory right now, though I spent several hours at the park–mostly in my car because the wind was very brisk and I don’t know how to dress warmly–getting all the sun I could. I had a great panoramic view of the lake, still covered with ice but having that thin, grey look to it that precedes breakup, with gorgeous blue skies and big fluffy clouds above and that wonderful sunshine. It felt marvelous, so  warm and cozy in the car that I would have dozed off if I hadn’t been concerned about snoring and drooling while I slept, in full view of anyone walking or driving by. It’s one thing to snore privately, but publicly? I’m not that evolved. No one really should be.

That’s it for now–just another day in paradise (not really). But it is another day, and there is good in it. And I’m lucky to realize that.

Wishing you good, and peace, and whatever else your heart needs today.

ETA: The sun may be breaking through the clouds. Huzzah! And, as of 12:11 today, there have been 5,701 hits on the blog. Most are from repeat offenders, and you don’t know how glad that makes me, to know that there are folks walking this road with me on a daily basis. Even if I never hear a peep from you, I know you’re there. Thanks for sticking with me.


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