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Week in review 3/17/2013

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Good chilly but sunny Sunday! That’s how it is here, anyway, and it looks like the cold is going to hang on for at least another week, official first day of spring on Wednesday notwithstanding. It’s got to warm up sometime, right?

Hat number 35 is off the needles–yay! I finished it this morning while watching CBS Sunday Morning, one of the very few “must see” shows on TV, in my opinion. It was a slow and cozy start to the day, tucked up in bed with a cup of coffee nearby, my stinky cat purring away at the foot of the bed, and a bit of knitting. Number 36 will be cast on later. In the meantime, I’m trying to decide what to do this afternoon. I could go to a free concert at the city auditorium; I could go to the Big City and hit the bookstore there; I could go to the park or the bookstore here or the library or I could stay home. I could also go get some corned beef and cabbage in celebration of St. Paddy’s Day. Too many choices!

Whatever I decide to do, right now it’s time for a quick look back at the week that was, and a report on the 3-Hs. It goes something like this:

Health: I got some kind of activity in every day. I’m up to about the 30-minute mark each day, and I’m pretty pleased about that. Saturday was a light day, since I’d had a little too much Friday night the night before, but I still got some exercise in. Gold star for the week!

Heart: as noted above, number 35 is done! I’m really pleased with it, and am actually looking forward to getting number 36 on the needles. That’s refreshing after being in a bit of a slump lately, Random Hats-wise. Gold star!

Happiness: I’ve done a pretty good job of shutting everything down and spending some time with a good book each day, although there were a couple of days when I didn’t–last Sunday, as I recall (Sunday late night is my TV indulgence night. MEtv is running The Fugitive at 11:00 p.m. local time and I can’t resist the allure of Dr. Richard Kimball’s constipated grimaces as he tries to elude the equally constipated Lt. Gerard. Good stuff, that), and one other night when I thought it was a good idea to watch some classic TV. I’m still giving myself a gold star, just because I can.

All in all, I’m making my way back to something that looks a little like sass. I’m fairly convinced now that, while I can’t go back, and it’ll never be like it was before, I’m on the right path and I’m keeping my eyes and heart open to the good along the way. I think that’s doing pretty well.

Happy Sunday! May something good come your way today!


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