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Sunny day! Yay! It’s a mite on the cool side but I’ll take cold and sunny over warm and gloomy most days! I’m hoping it’ll warm up enough to let me get out for a walk this afternoon.

Are you loving the longer days? I sure am, and you won’t hear me complaining about the loss of that one piddly little hour in exchange for more light. As much as I love the night, I think I may love the day a little more. Don’t get me wrong–I think all the changing of clocks is kind of on the dumb side, and I sure don’t see the logic behind the reasons given for doing so, but the weekend we spring forward is still a happy one around here.

I fully intended to cast on hat number 35 last night. Didn’t happen. I started working on another project and though I planned to stop knitting on it sooner than I did, that didn’t happen, either. I’m okay with that. Plans sometimes change, you get immersed in what you’re doing, or you get a little off-track, but it’s all okay. I think one of the things Mr. F liked most about me was that I didn’t get fussed when we got lost or our plans went awry. It was no big deal to me–we were together, we still had fun, and that was what mattered to me.  We had some grand adventures.

These days, I rely on my friends and my own darn self for the adventuring. Here’s a little secret: as good as it is, it’ll never be as good as it was. Don’t tell anyone I said that, but it’s true. Sometimes, one person does make all the difference. Still,

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

–A. A. Milne

That’s the news from here, for now.




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