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My sunshine didn’t last too long yesterday and it’s back to the gloom again today, but the good news is that the winter storm watch was downgraded to a winter weather advisory and it doesn’t look too bad out there. Also, it’s one day closer to spring.

I got out for a 20-minute walk yesterday and it was a brisk one, both in terms of temperature and my pace, which was about as fast as this girl can go without actually breaking into a very awkward jog. My back was screaming by the time I was done and I will really have to make an effort to do some stretching and warming up before I walk to help ease my tight back.

In spite of the chill temperature, I worked up a decent sweat and got a blister into the bargain–two, actually, one on the inside of my big toe and a matching one on the inside of my second toe (if it were my finger, it’d be my index finger, so does that make it my index toe?). Blisters mean I’m up and out and moving. They don’t feel that great and I’d like to prevent them in the future, but they do represent progress.

I’m taking it a little easier today and am planning on some yoga for my back. I think my back will be happy.

I still haven’t spotted any robins. Rats.

But! hat number 33 is off the needles! It worked up quickly and I’m pleased with the results, and I’m one hat closer to the goal. Woot! Whatever your plans for the day, I hope you, too, are moving closer to your own goals. Make it a good day.

ETA: I think the theme for March might just be “get up and do shit.” It’d be a really good thing if I got up and did shit more often.


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