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Sunny Sunday

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Good sunny Sunday to you! I hope the sun is out wherever you are and you can soak in some of that wonderful light. We’re under the gun here for another winter storm, but the snow can’t last, not this close to spring. My brother reported seeing two robins yesterday while out walking his dog, and he’s a pretty reliable guy so I’ll believe him, though seeing them myself would be so much better. Maybe today will be the day. Fingers crossed!

I saw a whole lot of other birds yesterday on my walk, including hundreds (not an exaggeration) of Canada Geese and about a dozen Snow Geese. Afterward while driving down some sloppy backroads to a favorite destination, I saw at least three dozen deer out in a field, and though I’ve seen them in that same spot many times, I still slowed down. I never get tired of seeing them.

My walk yesterday was really good, and though my back was tight, my hips weren’t, and that’s a good sign. After all the shouting was over, I’d gone about 1.5 miles, which may seem piddling to some, but to me is an accomplishment to be proud of. It means I’m on my way to more stamina, more strength, and better overall health. I feel darn good about what I did! No matter who you are or your level of fitness, this much is true: you can only start where you are, do what you can, and be proud of getting up and moving–as they say, you’re still lapping everyone still sitting on the couch.

Today is weight training day and I’ll also be doing my abs routine. I think a short walk will be in order as well this afternoon–I want to get out while I can and soak in some sun before Old Man Winter shows up again. Dude has seriously overstayed his welcome around these parts.

Whatever your Sunday brings you, I hope it’s the good stuff.


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