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I’m back from getting half my teeth cleaned and am sort of enjoying messing around with my numb face. Yep, I’m five years old and that kind of thing makes me laugh. Tried to take a sip of water and it just spurted right back out, and I thought it was so funny that I did it again. Five years old.

Part Deux of the teeth cleaning is scheduled for next Wednesday, then I’m taking a break from dental adventures for a while, unless my dentist sweet-talks me into one of the other things that ought to be done. He could do it, too. He’s quite the charmer, that little dentist of mine.

I have no big plans for the day other than to try to swallow at some point. That would be pretty great! This isn’t a day for overachieving. Not that most of my days are, but I’m especially cutting myself some slack today.

In happy news, and I may have only imagined it, but I think I heard a robin chirping away earlier. Wouldn’t that be great? I love those cheeky little birds so much–they make my heart happy.

Wishing you something to make your heart sing today, too.




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