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Week in review 2/24/13

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I’m online on Sunday for a bit–because of the big adventures yesterday and the resulting headache, I didn’t get my workout in and am making sure I get it today, so You Tube, here I come!

Here’s a breakdown of the week that was in the 3-H’s:

Health: I continue to see and feel changes in my body, particularly in my shoulders and arms. I’ve added an abs routine this week and hope to see results there, too. My belly is somewhat smaller already, but a boost to the shrinkage would be great.

I had several nights this week when my evening eating was excessive; I think it was stress eating, but it’s something to keep an eye on and nip in the bud if it continues. There was also quite a bit of chocolate, again because of stress. I’m pretty sure I could find other ways to deflect stress that wouldn’t involve food. I will work on it.

ETA: I just got done with my weight training, and after moving up to heavier weights, I’m really feeling it, in a very good way. It’s only another pound each for the weights, but what a difference!

Abs are done now too! Woot!

Otherwise, I feel better. That is a good thing. Gold star for the week, despite some hiccups.

Happiness: Ummm . . . well, I didn’t come up with a new targeted area there, so no gold star.

Heart: I finished up hat number 31 last night and will be working on number 32 today. I’m well past the half-way point and am going to make it to the finish line on this project! Gold star.

I’m off to keep my date with my dentist in the morning. While I’m not looking forward to the discomfort to come, I am looking forward to having super-clean teeth and the overall benefits to my health and well-being. It is a good thing I’m doing. I will try not to whine about it if I hurt afterward.

Happy sunny Sunday to you!


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