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Mea culpa

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My apologies for my post yesterday. It was unnecessary and spiteful, and I am sorry for it. I can’t control the behavior of others,  but I can control mine, or at least make the attempt, and I surely didn’t with that rant.

That’s it for now–I may post more later if I have something to say. Right now, I’m enjoying some sunshine, my coffee, and a bit of knitting before it’s time for mandatory family fun. Hat number 31 is nearly done–I’m aiming at finishing it up later today–and I’ve just cast on number 32 so I have a take-along, in case I have need of some soothing knitting later on. It’s good to be prepared.

A good Saturday to you!

ETA: The drive to and from MFF was not fun and induced a headache. MFF itself wasn’t completely awful. I tend to create a fictitious worst-case scenario before these events that is over-the-top awful so the real thing isn’t bad by contrast. I should probably not do that any more.

Aside from not making up a worst-case scenario, I came away with the following observations:

1. I will never trust directions as given by an 87-year-old again.

2. I will check Google maps for directions to unfamiliar locations.

3. I will never please my mother. It’s futile to try, though I do.

4. Some people just smell funny. Nothing to be done about it.

5. It’s kind of nice to have brothers, even though I think I was born to be an orphan.

6. Some heartaches will never, ever heal.

7. Sometimes, a PITA is worth it.


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