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Before the storm

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It’s the day of the Big Storm, but so far not so much as a single flake of snow has fallen here. I can’t say I’m disappointed in that, but I’m fairly sure it’s on its way, if my aching knees and brewing headache are reliable indicators. Supplies have been laid in, there’s more than enough yarn and books and DVDs, and I’m ready. Except I have to take the cat to the vet this afternoon for her yearly check-up and booster shot for something-or-other and I’m hoping we’ll make it there and back before the snow flies.

I’m feeling a little embarrassed by my grabbiness of yesterday. I did not need more yarn, and while I was fiddling around with it some last night, I was pretty sure I didn’t even like what I so wantonly snatched up yesterday. It was headed for the Goodwill when in detoured yesterday, so I won’t feel too badly about it if that’s where it ends up from here. Someone will love it–I’m just fairly certain that someone won’t be me. That sudden urge to possess can so often turn into “what the heck was I thinking” later on–something I need to remember the next time that fierce desire to grab comes over me. I do think I’ll keep the needles, though.

Wherever you are, and whatever the weather, stay safe today. You matter.



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