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I’m a little tardy with the blog post after spending an overdue and good times kind of morning with some of my knitting peeps. Laughs were had, yarn was wound, and other yarn was snatched up. I may have been a little grabby, because I came away with a sackful. My 65 gallons of yarn aren’t nearly enough, doncha know. I also snagged a set of interchangeable knitting needles and am looking forward to playing with them.

Yeah, I was grabby. I guess that’s allowed once in a while.

For now, it’s nice and sunny and although there was a very cold start to the day–a mere 2 degrees when I got up–it’s all the way up to 21 now, and with the sun and no wind to speak of, it really doesn’t feel bad out there. We’re still under a winter storm watch starting tomorrow into Friday, with another system possibly on the way on Sunday. It could be an interesting few days.

I’m trying to get myself into work mode for the afternoon but I’m doing a pretty poor job of it. Goofing around won’t pay the bills, however, so I’d best get after it. Work, then a workout, then I don’t know what. Sound like a plan? Today is weights day and I’m looking forward to it, and I may do a little yoga as well. I sort of like feeling better. It feels good.

Enough nattering–I must get to work. Happy Wednesday to you, and if you’re in the path of the storm, lay in your supplies, hunker down, and keep yourself safe.

ETA: Yesterday was my 450th post. That shouldn’t pass without some acknowledgement. Thanks to you regular readers for hanging in there with me!


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