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Day tooth

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Day tooth of my big dental adventure and the rundown goes something like this:

1. I had some swelling this morning, but that was expected.

2. I had some pain when I woke up, but I hadn’t taken anything for about 12 hours. I probably should have but didn’t need to get out of bed otherwise and so took the lazy route.

3. Pudding is overrated.

4. I want a hamburger pretty bad, but that will have to wait.

5. I will try to remember this experience the next time I start spazzing about something not entirely pleasant that has to be done. Overall, this has not been bad at all. I’m not saying I’d be eager to do this again anytime soon, but still, it’s not been a bad experience.

6. I will be really happy when I can brush my teeth again. I can rinse today; brushing will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Careful, gentle brushing, but brushing.


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