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Hurt and healing

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Today, I have all my teeth. By late Friday morning, I will be minus one.

That’s the bad news. There’s just no hope at all for this bad tooth of mine and it’s got to come out.

The good news is, the dentist was good. He was very gentle while doing the initial exam–and the last guy I saw was not–he was patient in answering my questions and allaying my fears, and he very kindly offered me some extra meds to help relax me and calm my anxieties when he extracts the tooth. That was really nice of him, wasn’t it? I’m fairly certain that’s standard protocol, but still, I was glad to have a little something extra on offer. As kind and gentle as he was, and will be, he’s still going to yank my tooth and I can’t imagine that’s going to be the most fun ever.

After a few days of recovery, I’ll be starting an intensive cleaning process on my long-neglected teeth. My dentist said having that done “will change [my] life.” I’m going to believe him.

My task now is to get myself into the right mindset and not focus on the anticipated pain, but on the healing that will follow. If I know anything in my bones, it’s this–healing of some kind does come, but you have to go through the hurt first.

I can do this.


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