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February goals

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As promised, I’m posting my goals for February. Included is a review of the week that was, my goals for the upcoming week, and my goals for the month.

The week that was: I kept up fairly well with my 3-H goals. The breakdown goes like this:

Health: I got at least 10 minutes of exercise each day and continued to mix it up, alternating weight training days with cardio or yoga. Today is a weight training day and I’m very much looking forward to it–who knew these days would be my favorites?

I’m starting to see some more benefits from the deliberate activity. I’m sleeping better and I’m moving more freely, especially after sitting for a time. In addition, there’s a noticeable change in my belly–it’s still very much there, but there’s a little less of it, and what’s there is firming up some. That’s good! I’m also seeing more definition in my shoulders and arms and less flappiness from that underarm flappy stuff. That’s great! Gold star for me!

My goal for the upcoming week is to add five minutes to whatever I’m doing, for a total of fifteen minutes of exercise each day.

Happiness: Meh. I’m sucking at achieving my goals here. I think I’ve actually spent more time online this week than last. No gold star.

Next week, I’ll switch it up a little and be happy with shutting the computer down by 6:00 p.m. during the week, sticking to my tech sabbath on Sunday, and adding the goal of shutting the TV off by 10:00 p.m. during the week.

Heart: Hat number 28 is done; 29 is on the needles. Gold star!

The goal this week? Number 29 off the needles and number 30 cast on.

As for my monthly goals, they are as follows:

* Add five minutes each week to my exercise goals. If I’ve done the math right, that means that by the end of the month, I should be up to 30 minutes each day. I may scale back some and allow a rest day each week, but I’ll reassess that as the month goes on. I don’t want to lose the momentum I’m starting to build. My mostly sedentary lifestyle will someday be a thing of the past–I want an active, healthful life. It’s undeniably hard to push past the ennui of inactivity, but already seeing some rewards makes me want to keep on going.

I also want to keep mixing things up, even if I don’t get it right while doing some routines. I’m woefully uncoordinated and even simple workout routines are hard work for me to figure out, but having a variety has been fun and challenging.

* Continue with the Random Hats project. My aim for February is to have a total of 32 hats knit up and off the needles.

* Challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone by attending at least two social functions outside of my normal ones. Mr. F often told me I had an “instant rapport” with people, but the truth is, I’m terribly uncomfortable in new locations and with meeting new people. Even meeting familiar folk in unfamiliar surroundings can make me squirm, but it’s time to move a little away from the safe places and see what happens from inviting some good discomfort into my life.

That’s it, folks–somewhat modest but doable. Mostly comfortable, but with pockets of sweat-inducing unfamiliarity. And I can do it!

ETA: Great workout with the weights today! I’m looking forward to stepping it up a notch next week–I can hardly believe how GOOD it makes me feel!


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  1. Great job!
    I’m going to use your plan as a format for my own goals. Maybe a different take on Heart, but generally the same.
    You continue to be an inspiration.


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