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I’m back from getting half my teeth cleaned and am sort of enjoying messing around with my numb face. Yep, I’m five years old and that kind of thing makes me laugh. Tried to take a sip of water and it just spurted right back out, and I thought it was so funny that I did it again. Five years old.

Part Deux of the teeth cleaning is scheduled for next Wednesday, then I’m taking a break from dental adventures for a while, unless my dentist sweet-talks me into one of the other things that ought to be done. He could do it, too. He’s quite the charmer, that little dentist of mine.

I have no big plans for the day other than to try to swallow at some point. That would be pretty great! This isn’t a day for overachieving. Not that most of my days are, but I’m especially cutting myself some slack today.

In happy news, and I may have only imagined it, but I think I heard a robin chirping away earlier. Wouldn’t that be great? I love those cheeky little birds so much–they make my heart happy.

Wishing you something to make your heart sing today, too.




Be good

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It’s snowing again. It’s tolerable because I know that it’ll just be a few weeks–perhaps even only a few days–before spring starts to overtake winter, the robins will return, the snow will all melt, the buds on the trees will begin to swell, and a few early flowers will start to bloom. All will be fresh and new and green again. That’s something to look forward to. Until then, keeping busy, sticking to what’s working for me and tweaking what isn’t will be the order of the day.

I dawdled around yesterday, on a very lazy day until last evening before getting around to any kind of workout, and I almost let it slide. Almost. But then I did my weight training and abs routine and I’m so very glad I did. It felt good, and keeping that promise to myself to keep after it felt even better. It’s easy to slack off, to think it doesn’t matter, this caring for oneself, and that the efforts don’t really mean anything. It’s easy to be lazy. But then I look down and see less belly or look at my arms and see less jiggle or remember that walk earlier this week and think “it’s worth it all.” And it is. So am I.

Be good to yourself today. You’re worth it.

P.S. Hat number 32 is off the needles. Yay! I’ll likely cast on 33 later today.

P.P.S. It’s stopped snowing but the rest of that first paragraph still applies.

It’s at it again. I’m gonna stop updating the snow stuff now.


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Old Man Winter’s come a-knocking again. After a very slow start to the season, it just won’t go away. Several inches of snow are predicted in this latest round, and unlike the Big Storm last week, I think we’ll get it this time. It’s snowing like crazy out there! I still have plenty of supplies, though, and there’s work and knitting and reading and even a bit of crocheting to be done to fill my day(s) until I can get outside again.

I loved my walk yesterday. Loved it. The only fly in the ointment was a pair of really cold ears toward the end, but that was a small price to pay for feeling so good about what I was doing. I may have overdone it a touch,  as I’m kind of sore this morning, and a twinge on the left side of my back is pretty twingy. I’ll have to take it just a little easier today, but I’m not quitting. Not this time. I’ve seen too much progress and I’m feeling too good to let myself down.

Something I haven’t mentioned that’s quite the incentive for me is this–my oldest niece will be graduating from college in May, and I’d be pleased to be looking more fit by then. I have some nice clothes in my closet (that I was supposed to get rid of in January but I didn’t because I like them, dang it, and I will fit into them again) that made me feel cute and sassy a few years back and I’d like it very much if I could wear something cute for my niece’s big day. I know she loves me no matter what I look like, but still–it’s incentive.

Be safe, well, and happy today, wherever you are. Life is good if you let it be.


Monday quickie

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No dentist visit for me today–I actually was scheduled to see the hygienist but she’s home today with a sick child. We’ll try again on Thursday if all goes well otherwise. My mom told me earlier that she thinks she may have the flu, so any good vibes you can spare would be most appreciated. She’s not in great shape to begin with after the illness over the summer. I’m hoping it’s no more than fatigue after a busy weekend.

Work has just shown up in my work queue, so I’m off to the races there–perhaps I’ll post more later. If I don’t see you again today, though, make it a good day!

ETA: I think it really was simple fatigue that was making my mom feel not so perky. She seems much better now, after a long nap and a quiet afternoon. Thanks again, though, for your good thoughts.

I went for a walk today and surprised the living daylights out of myself with how far I went, and with not croaking along the way. It felt good, too, despite a tight back and rubbing a blister on a toe. I’ll have to remember to start taping that up again–it was a problem a few years back when I was walking a lot. I think I will let myself skip the abs routine as a reward for my good long walk, or maybe save it for later tonight. For right now, this girl is feeling mighty pleased with herself, and sorta feeling like an Amazon, too. That’s a pretty darn good feeling.

Week in review 2/24/13

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I’m online on Sunday for a bit–because of the big adventures yesterday and the resulting headache, I didn’t get my workout in and am making sure I get it today, so You Tube, here I come!

Here’s a breakdown of the week that was in the 3-H’s:

Health: I continue to see and feel changes in my body, particularly in my shoulders and arms. I’ve added an abs routine this week and hope to see results there, too. My belly is somewhat smaller already, but a boost to the shrinkage would be great.

I had several nights this week when my evening eating was excessive; I think it was stress eating, but it’s something to keep an eye on and nip in the bud if it continues. There was also quite a bit of chocolate, again because of stress. I’m pretty sure I could find other ways to deflect stress that wouldn’t involve food. I will work on it.

ETA: I just got done with my weight training, and after moving up to heavier weights, I’m really feeling it, in a very good way. It’s only another pound each for the weights, but what a difference!

Abs are done now too! Woot!

Otherwise, I feel better. That is a good thing. Gold star for the week, despite some hiccups.

Happiness: Ummm . . . well, I didn’t come up with a new targeted area there, so no gold star.

Heart: I finished up hat number 31 last night and will be working on number 32 today. I’m well past the half-way point and am going to make it to the finish line on this project! Gold star.

I’m off to keep my date with my dentist in the morning. While I’m not looking forward to the discomfort to come, I am looking forward to having super-clean teeth and the overall benefits to my health and well-being. It is a good thing I’m doing. I will try not to whine about it if I hurt afterward.

Happy sunny Sunday to you!

Mea culpa

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My apologies for my post yesterday. It was unnecessary and spiteful, and I am sorry for it. I can’t control the behavior of others,  but I can control mine, or at least make the attempt, and I surely didn’t with that rant.

That’s it for now–I may post more later if I have something to say. Right now, I’m enjoying some sunshine, my coffee, and a bit of knitting before it’s time for mandatory family fun. Hat number 31 is nearly done–I’m aiming at finishing it up later today–and I’ve just cast on number 32 so I have a take-along, in case I have need of some soothing knitting later on. It’s good to be prepared.

A good Saturday to you!

ETA: The drive to and from MFF was not fun and induced a headache. MFF itself wasn’t completely awful. I tend to create a fictitious worst-case scenario before these events that is over-the-top awful so the real thing isn’t bad by contrast. I should probably not do that any more.

Aside from not making up a worst-case scenario, I came away with the following observations:

1. I will never trust directions as given by an 87-year-old again.

2. I will check Google maps for directions to unfamiliar locations.

3. I will never please my mother. It’s futile to try, though I do.

4. Some people just smell funny. Nothing to be done about it.

5. It’s kind of nice to have brothers, even though I think I was born to be an orphan.

6. Some heartaches will never, ever heal.

7. Sometimes, a PITA is worth it.

After the Big Storm

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The Big Storm turned out to be a Moderate Fizzle, which is both a bit of a disappointment and a good thing. I had hoped to avoid Mandatory Family Fun tomorrow by virtue of being snowed in, but that doesn’t seem likely now. On the other hand, less snow on the ground means less to melt off, and that’s a good thing. Except there is that other Big Storm that’s supposed to arrive on Monday. Woo.

I dislike winter very, very much. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that before.

Thanks to the weather, I’ve had a headache for the last couple of days. I’m blaming it on the weather, in any case. Despite a pounding head, I got in a short workout yesterday and am planning on a longer session today. I can’t let feeling a bit poorly and ennui stop me, not when I’m feeling and seeing some positive results. I am determined to keep pushing through, regardless of today’s  or tomorrow’s weather or aches and pains. Those are temporary. I’m going for long-term results, and I’m equally determined to see those results–health, stamina, strength, well-being–become woven into my life. Eyes on the prize, especially on the days when I “don’t feel like it” or am ailing a bit.

I can do this.