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I gave in

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To a craving, that is, and that led to overeating last night.

I don’t often want red meat, but when I do,  I want a big ol’ hamburger. I got one last night and it was so good! Also so big, and on a big bun, and I think the combination of red meat and bread for dinner led to my eating later on.

I’m working toward reversing my eating–instead of a small breakfast, moderate lunch, and big dinner, I am trying to swap the order so my smallest meal of the day is at night, and so I’m not eating after around 8:00 p.m. I’m not doing so hot in achieving these goals. For one, I’m seldom hungry in the morning. I often don’t have breakfast until 11:00 a.m. or so–and if you’re wondering, it’s 11:05 as I write this, and yep, I’m having my breakfast now–but lunch is always noonish. It’s usually not much more than a sandwich and I’m satisfied with that until around 3:00, when I tend to get peckish. An apple and a piece of string cheese keep me happy until dinnertime, and then–well, who knows what I’ll eat? It’s often heavy, carb-laden stuff, and too much to boot. While I’ve done well in cutting off my eating by 8:00 most nights, a craving of epic strength hit me last night after that burger on a bun and I gave in. More bread and the piece of chocolate I’d bought went down the hatch.

All this is not so much to condemn myself as to try to understand what’s going on, what my triggers are, and how to avoid them. I know, for example, when I have a migraine I need to avoid anything sugary, cheese, and bananas. There’s a definite cause-and-effect there, and if I’m to avoid even more pain than I already have, I’d do well not to eat those foods. The “but” here is this–it took me a lot longer to own that out than it should have. I knew that eating that stuff was making me feel worse, but I kept doing it anyway until I’d finally had enough. Same thing applies to my eating at night. I “know” carbs are bad for me at night, but I’m stalling with putting that knowledge into practice. It’s the “why”  I need to get to now. Or I could just stop and let the “why” work itself out in its own time. I think maybe I’ve finally had enough.


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  1. Nuts. Keep some almonds or walnuts, raw ones, in the fridge.
    When you want that whatever it is that you don’t need, have a handful , or two, of nuts.
    Give it a few minutes and you should be able to ride it out.


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