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Migraines suck. Surviving another one isn’t as great as you might think, because it means I’ve had another one, and after nearly a full lifetime of them, I could do without.

But it’s over now, and though I’ll be tired today, I’m relatively pain-free, and that’s something I’m grateful for. It’s also sunny, warmer–if 20 degrees can be called warm–than it has been for the last couple of days, and I’m getting on with it.

Despite a fairly severe migraine yesterday, I got in my exercise time and it’s a funny thing, but ten minutes or so didn’t seem like nearly enough. I felt I’d just gotten started when it was over. I know I won’t always feel that way, but it’s still a nice thing to have happened on an otherwise pretty shitty day.

Crap days happen. They don’t have to last, though. Better days ahead.

ETA: Because this is exactly the sort of thing I do, I Googled (actually, I used Bing, so I Binged it(?)) the phrase “crap days” and here’s what I came up with: Made me laugh, and that’s no crap.

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