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Something occurred to me after yesterday’s post, something so freaking obvious that I overlooked it. One of those Doh! moments in life.

It’s all well and good to natter on about wanting to make changes in my life–and please know that I truly do–but what hit me like a big wet fish yesterday was this: without some kind of plan in place, it could well not happen. There’s no accountability, no goals, no nothin’, really, except some nebulous talk.

So here’s what I want to try: I want to set some goals for each week, and possibly for each month. Something concrete to strive toward. Goals that will contribute to my desire to become healthier, to become happier, and to rediscover, in some form, my sass.

Because I know my track record with things like this, I’m starting on the small side. Baby steps, if you will. Goals that are both deliberate and doable, and that will address health, happiness, and heart.

And because I’m fond of the calendar as it is usually printed, I’m setting my weekly goals to run from Sunday to Saturday. That gives me a couple of extra days time time around, but that’s okay by me. I kicked off my 3-H plan with a 15 minute walk yesterday.

My goals from now until Jan. 26 are:

Health: Sustained physical activity for a minimum of ten minutes each day. Doable? Heck yeah. And it doesn’t matter what I do–walk, ride my bike, dance (badly), lift weights, scrub the floor, play along with a workout video–as long as it makes my heart go pitter-pat, it counts.

Happiness: Shut my computer off when I’m through with work for the day and leave it off. I waste far too much time each day in pointless surfing. I want to do what matters to me, not just think about doing it or read about others who are doing. Also, I want to allow one full 24-hour period this week for a tech sabbath. I’ve been cheating for the last several weeks because there is, as I’m sure you know, epic shit online and I just might miss out. Tough. I’ll have to miss out one day. (I did not do this yesterday. I’m very bad).

Heart: Have Random Hat # 26 off the needles, bringing me within one hat of the goal for January of 27 total done.

As for accountability–I plan to update my progress here, and probably daily, just to keep myself honest. Yikes!

Little by little, I’ll get there. I can feel it. This is going to be my year.

ETA: I completed a ten-minute dumbell workout I found on You Tube just a few minutes ago, with the very perky Denise Austin instructing. Say what you will about that kind of almost gushing positive reinforcement; I’d rather have that than someone in my face and yelling at me.

Some years ago, when I was at my peak weight, miserable, and desperate, I stumbled across a cassette tape (yep, it was that long ago) of a walking workout, also by Denise Austin. I bought a fake Walkman, some batteries, and popped in that tape, listening to very bad covers of old timey rock and roll and her words of instruction and encouragement, and I walked my ass off. I really did. Somehow, she made me believe I could do it. It was some kind of magic.

So when I completed that short workout a few minutes ago, I was elated. Dumb as it may sound, I cried for sheer joy. I had a real sense of accomplishment. Damn, but I felt good. I had done it.

Magic. I so want to hold onto it, remember it when the going gets tough, and I want to work my ass off and keep it off this time.



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