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32 leaves later

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I crocheted up 32 little leaves yesterday, all between about an inch and an inch and a half long, maybe a inch or so wide, and used up all of the wool, which I estimate to have been about half a skein. I don’t even like to crochet, but somehow this was fun and I couldn’t stop myself, even when my wrist and shoulder were saying “Enough already!” Now I have 64 ends to weave in. Poo. That’s not so much fun.

There was quite a bit of satisfaction in using up almost every last inch of that yarn, and in making something that will brighten up my living space. I need more color in my life. I’ve had a blue bedroom, a green living room, and a yellow bathroom for about a million years now and maybe it’s time to switch things up some. Add some bright pops of color here and there, freshen things up, see things from a different perspective. More whimsy might do me good, too, and if I can make it myself, all the better.

The downside to this–now I want more wildly colored yarn for other projects. I think a big granny square pillow on my bed would be awesome, don’t you? but I’m not going to go buy more yarn. Time to dive into my stash again and get creative. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

ETA: I’m not forgetting the Random Hats project. Number 24 is coming along nicely, but I’ll need to kick it into higher gear if I’m to reach my goal of 27 total this month. I can do it!


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  1. You have mentioned in the previous post that you plan to use these leaves to brighten up your wall. I have been trying to visualize what the resulting look will be but am having trouble doing so. Must be because I am a non-crochet/knitter person—completely inept. So photos are going to be expected when you are done. Keep on going! Love the idea of these pops of color.


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