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Hat number 23 is off the needles AND the ends are woven in, and I’ll be casting on number 24 later today. Woot!

After what seems like a long hiatus, I’m back at the Random Hats of Kindness project and plan on going full tilt for the foreseeable future. My current goal is to have 27 knitted up and off the needles by the end of January, which would bring me to exactly the halfway point in my project. I can do it!

As for the hiatus, I’m not begrudging the time I spent knitting up my niece’s Christmas scarf. She’s happy with it, and that in turn makes me happy. Still, I’m glad to be getting back to this project that has been such a good thing for me, not to mention for my stash. I’m knitting that puppy down as much as I can this year, and a lot of it will go toward my Random Hats.

I love being a knitter.

Later: an update on this post: sometimes, a girl just has to admit defeat. Although this is a most worthy project, I’m not a maker of toys. I’ve never enjoyed making knitted toys and I sure didn’t for this project. As with all my charity projects, I won’t donate something that is of poor quality or that has a lot of bad karma in it. Such was the case here. Happily, the project has been a huge success and there have been more than enough donations; so many, in fact, that the extras will be going to various programs that serve children affected by gun violence. I’ll focus my charitable knitting on those items I know I can do a good job on, and will be happy in knowing that there have been so many other knitters contributing to this effort.

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