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It’s another cold snowy day here. It’s only very light stuff, just a wispy, feathery, slowly drifting down kind of snow, but it’s still snow. But, I remind myself, it’s another day closer to spring, and while I anxiously await that season of renewal, I’m doing my best to live in the moment, find the pleasures of this slower, more contemplative season, and not whine about the cold and snow too much.

Today will be one of quiet pursuits. I’m double cat sitting, with two places to stop and spend some time with some sweet kitties, I have a bit of laundry to do, and there will be knitting.

Remember this post? I got right on that project and knit up that scarf fairly quickly, got it off the needles, was weaving the ends in and thinking “this thing is rubbish.” Because it was. I’d chosen the wrong pattern for the yarn, made it too short, and the work was sub-standard. Very much sub-standard. Not, in other words, niece-worthy at all, so I frogged the thing and started over, casting on more stitches to make it longer and switching up the pattern to better suit the yarn and I’m much more pleased with this second iteration. I might have it done later today, or tomorrow at the latest, and I think this one will be a worthy effort. Sometimes, you do get a do-over, and when you do? make the most of it!

I’m not saying my niece is high maintenance or demanding in any way. She isn’t, and she probably would have been happy enough with that first scarf. But she is a unique and wonderful person, and I want my gift to her to reflect my admiration of her. It still matters, and I still want to get this right, because she matters, and how lucky am I to have someone like that in my life?

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