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Let’s eat!

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I’m just back a while ago from a walk on a truly glorious day–sunny and mild and made for being outside.

I went to a park I don’t frequent too much, my favorite also being a favorite of deer hunters, and I’m not overly eager to get shot, so unless I get some blaze orange, I don’t think I’ll be going to my favorite for a while. There’s a pond at the park I went to today, and at least two, and maybe closer to three, dozen Canada Geese were near it, sunning on the grassy banks. They took to the water while I walked by, a reasonable precaution, but by the time I’d reached the other side of the pond, they were back on the banks.

The sky was a pristine blue, with only a gossamer veil of white cloud to be seen here and there, along with vapor trails from airplanes, and after I’d completed most of my walk, I sat at a picnic bench watching the geese and soaking in that blessed sunshine. What a wonderful afternoon.

Now, I’m back and am cooking a proper supper, probably the first I’ve made since the last time I cooked for Mr. F. There’s Chicken a la Stokely [sic], brown rice, and veggies, with some sweet/tart clementines for dessert if I’m still hungry. I am hopeful of making the making of a proper supper a regular feature, not only in order to ensure that I’m eating well, but to save some money and avoid packaged, processed foods more. I have to say, that chicken smells great! It’s been ages since I’ve made it, and it is so, so good hot out of the oven. Can hardly wait!

Let’s eat!

Later: I’ve lost some of my touch. I was pretty good about timing everything to be done about the same time, but not so tonight. The chicken was done first, followed by the veg, and then, at long last, by the rice. Ah well. It ate pretty good anyway.


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