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2012 in review

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Something different for today–less of me, more of helper monkeys.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


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It’s another cold snowy day here. It’s only very light stuff, just a wispy, feathery, slowly drifting down kind of snow, but it’s still snow. But, I remind myself, it’s another day closer to spring, and while I anxiously await that season of renewal, I’m doing my best to live in the moment, find the pleasures of this slower, more contemplative season, and not whine about the cold and snow too much.

Today will be one of quiet pursuits. I’m double cat sitting, with two places to stop and spend some time with some sweet kitties, I have a bit of laundry to do, and there will be knitting.

Remember this post? I got right on that project and knit up that scarf fairly quickly, got it off the needles, was weaving the ends in and thinking “this thing is rubbish.” Because it was. I’d chosen the wrong pattern for the yarn, made it too short, and the work was sub-standard. Very much sub-standard. Not, in other words, niece-worthy at all, so I frogged the thing and started over, casting on more stitches to make it longer and switching up the pattern to better suit the yarn and I’m much more pleased with this second iteration. I might have it done later today, or tomorrow at the latest, and I think this one will be a worthy effort. Sometimes, you do get a do-over, and when you do? make the most of it!

I’m not saying my niece is high maintenance or demanding in any way. She isn’t, and she probably would have been happy enough with that first scarf. But she is a unique and wonderful person, and I want my gift to her to reflect my admiration of her. It still matters, and I still want to get this right, because she matters, and how lucky am I to have someone like that in my life?

Freeplay Friday

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I’d posted this a couple of weeks ago then pulled it when the horror in Connecticut occurred. That was not the day for any kind of lightheartedness or taking a drive down the back roads of my memory in a big ol’ truck with a wonderful man at the wheel. Maybe today is a better day for this, and those kinds of memories, of hills and hollers and trucks, of places my heart goes to every day, and of a love I still hold dear.

Turn it on up!


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Today’s post is my 400th.

I’m a little blown away by that. Who knew I’d still be here after those first shaky posts? The truth is, I’ve needed this outlet for any number of reasons–as an aid to healing, as a daily diary, as a means of unburdening myself, and of communication with those who cannot or will not otherwise communicate with me. Which probably makes little sense to anyone but me, but that’s okay. My Spidey tells me you’re there, and that’s enough for now.

There have been times I’ve considered pulling the plug on this thing, but it calls me back, day after day. I never quite know what I’ll be writing; I only know I need to write. It’s a surprise to me what comes out of my fingertips at times, and I think that’s part of the reason I do keep coming back–that random “what am I thinking right now” element has intrigued me. The times I’ve planned what I’ll say are the times when I can’t say a thing, or it comes out so backward and stilted that it never goes live. Funny, that.

My blog–I think I’ll keep it.





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It’s another very cold but sunny day here. It sure doesn’t feel like a Wednesday and it feels mighty strange to start my work week in the middle of it, but my phone tells me it is, in fact, Wednesday, and my bills tell me I’d best get to work. Holidays mess me up.

Yesterday was what I’d hoped it would be–peaceful. I spent the afternoon with the cats I’m caring for while their owners are away, just hanging out, watching some TV and eating party mix, then came back to repeat the process with my own cat, adding in some knitting as well. It was a good day.

Wishing you a good day today!

Christmas day

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Christmas dawned sunny but bitterly cold here.  My day will be a quiet one inside, curtains wide open to let in all that wonderful sunlight. Whatever the weather where you are, my wish for you is for the happiest of days.

And because it’s Christmas, it’s time for the playing of the Best Christmas Song EVER!



Christmas eve

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We’re getting ready for the family Christmas later tonight. Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing my nieces–Santa is for kids, after all, and even though the girls aren’t little anymore, this is still a special time with them. Tomorrow will be a quiet day of movies, knitting, cat sitting for two sweet boys, and maybe, if it’s not too cold, a visit to my favorite park and a little Christmas day walk.

If you care to join me, I’m doing the Two Days of Christmas (music) over on Facebook. My profile is open today and tomorrow to all who want to come by. I’m here: It’s just a bit of silly holiday fun, mixed with a couple of sentimental favorites that make me a little misty, and is my small gift to you.

As for me, my only wishes for Christmas, aside from my continued longing for home, were summed up very nicely by CBS Sunday Morning contributor Nancy Giles: “Love and peace and giving to people in need. That’s all I want for Christmas from now on.”

Merry Christmas, all.

Happy Festivus!

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No feats of strength here. I could air a few grievances, but I won’t. I’ll just say this–I’ll be home for Festivus, if only in my dreams.

The Festivus pole.

The Festivus pole.

Cocktail hour

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It was game night last night and, like they used to say in the social columns of small town newspapers, a good time was had by all. These are nice people, my game night peeps.

One of the really nice things about game night, other than the folks who come along to play, is the food and drink. Last night’s spread was exceptional, and one of the best features was the mini-bar set up over there by the microwave. Gin and tonics? Yes, please!

The only other time I’ve had a G and T, it didn’t go so well. I mixed my own and didn’t have a clue what I was doing and it was not good, so I hadn’t had a G and T for years. The ones last night, however, were perfection. I felt sort of grown up and mildly sophisticated as I sipped my big girl cocktail, and I’ve been spending some time this morning reading up on different ways to achieve the “perfect” G and T as well as researching various makers of gin. I’m really intrigued by these folks but their drink is a little spendy for a budget-minded girl like me so I’ve also been looking at less expensive, but still tasty, options. This discussion and this column have been good reading.

It’s only 11:00 a.m., but I’m looking forward to the cocktail hour!

Of note

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Two things of note today: it’s the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year as day and night engage in their yearly tug-of-war over the light. Night will be the victor once more, but tomorrow, the blessed day will begin its slow but sure winning over of the light. I welcome this day each year with gladness and a remembrance of the long days of summer with the golden light pouring down. Light is life to me, and I celebrate its gradual return.

Also of note is this: I could conceivably see 5,000 visits to the blog today. That’s pretty amazing, and I’m grateful to have had some faithful companions along the way. This little blog of mine has meant much to me and has been a valuable tool in healing my broken heart. It’s helped me move ahead, very slowly, but ahead, without moving on. My heart is still very much Mr. F’s, whether he knows it, likes it, or wants it. He is my George Bailey.

Happy solstice to you all!

ETA: I’m past the 5,000 mark now. Thank you for sticking with me!