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So I did something last night I haven’t done in a long, long time–I meditated.

I’m not going all woo-woo on you, and even if I were, you have no reason to worry. Like many aspects of my life, this is something I do for me, because of the benefits to me and by extension, to others, but I’m not about to foist it off on anyone else. I might encourage some folks to consider it as an option, but I’m not looking for converts.

Several years ago, meditation was a just-about-every-night tool in my sass kit. It calmed, grounded, centered me. It made me feel peaceful and good, and there were times I experienced the profound while meditating. I’m thinking I could use a healthy dose of all of those things, and I’m adding this practice to my sassback bag once more.

I’m no expert on the practice of meditation, so don’t look to me for any methods other than the very simple “follow the breath” method.  At the most basic level, this method is exactly what it sounds like–one breathes, and that’s the focus of the meditation. In–out. Thoughts do come to mind, but they’re simply noted and allowed to pass. In–out. That’s all there is. There’s a ton of information online if you’re intrigued, from this and other methods of meditation to the health benefits of meditation. Take a look if you’re curious.

Sounds dead simple, this following the breath, and I suppose it is, and yet–there were those profound moments years ago. Times when I became aware of the warmth in my hands, even on the coldest of nights. Times when I had the sensation of feeling my breath as a palpable, if very light, weight leaving my nostrils to gently sink down into my hands and linger there for a moment or two. I held my breath, in my hands.

I have also from time to time used guided meditations, and again, there’s a load of information online to aid in that practice. As with following my breath, there were truly transcendent moments, not every night, but the ones I had? Amazing. Maybe I’ll tell you the one about the buffalo sometime.

Until then, I’ll keep breathing. In–out.





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