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On Monday, it was 70 degrees here. I played hooky because it was too darn nice to be stuck inside. (I’ve been making up for it at work today, by the way, and likely will tomorrow as well). Today, it’s a mere 26 at noon.

I feel compelled to lodge a formal protest.

It won’t do a dang bit of good, I know, but still–I protest. Winter sucks. I would run away down south or out west if I could. I would run away any time of the year if I could, truth be told, but I can’t do that any more than I can change the weather.


The only good thing I can say about this time of year is that we’re closer to the winter solstice now than not, but there’s still December, January, and February to get through. Give me strength. I don’t know if I can do it or not.

Winter sucks.

Also on the sucky side of things: having an aging parent. There’s a reason there are support groups for folks like me who are increasingly the parent to their parent.  This is some hard stuff.

But I found today that I am stronger than I once was. Something that would have knocked me to my knees not that long ago was bearable.

I will not be beaten down.

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