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I got kind of a late start this morning and have been working until just a minute or two ago. Since I played hooky yesterday and didn’t work at all–lazy girl!–I’m trying to make up for it. The holiday will add more to the “making up” pile, but thankfully, I can work any ol’ time I want to, provided there’s work.

A couple of sort of random things to note: I should never, ever buy chips. Even marginal ones disappear way too fast. Also, olives taste better than chocolate, or at least they did over the weekend. The fancy-schmancy olives I bought were heavenly; the chocolate was just okay. Go figure.

Other things presented for your consideration:

* Damp wool seems to conduct heat remarkably well. Swearing is allowed–even encouraged as part of the healing process–when your fingers are burned when using a dampish wool potholder.

* It’s not a good thing to burn the fingers on your prominent hand.

* Cheap wine can be quite tasty.

* Holidays will come whether you like them or not and someone will always make a bigger deal out of them than necessary. You may as well just suck it up and get through it as gracefully as you can.

* The tyranny of the family never ends. See comments above for coping methods.

* I have occasion to wish, and heartily as well as daily, and sometimes frequently during the day, that I’d moved when I might have. See above for the why.

It’s a beautiful day and sunset comes far too quickly, so I’m off to play while I can. I hope you can get out and get some clean, sweet air and sunshine as well. Days like this one will not last forever, though I so wish they could. Have a happy Tuesday!


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