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My friend S asked me to ride along with her on a trip to the Big City today and I was glad to go. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and mild and made for a road trip, even a short one.

She introduced me to Gateway Market, a Whole Foods-esque local establishment that offers a cafe along with their grocer’s goods. Lunch was wonderful, though I found a full sized salad was a bit too much. We browsed after eating, sampled some delicious foods, and bought a few things each. I was mighty tempted by some fig loaves that smelled heavenly–rich and heavy and decadent–but ended up with a small selection of olives from the olive bar and a single apple, an Arkansas Black. I haven’t sampled it yet, but I’m looking forward to tasting this heirloom apple. I ate the olives for supper and they were fabulous!

S specifically wanted to buy some Vegemite, but no luck at the Gateway Market, and the quest continued.

We hit the snooty yarn shop and left feeling a total lack of desire to darken their door again (most fiber folk I’ve met are genuinely good, down to earth types. Not so at this shop, and they won’t be getting any of my money, ever. I’d call them a bunch of rude, stuck-up bitches but that would be wrong of me, so I won’t), followed by a happy–and first for me–visit to Whole Foods. Seriously, I could spend a whole day there. Awesome foods, nice peeps, great samples, and food! Glorious food!But no Vegemite.  S treated me to a bottle of kombucha along with her purchases and after stowing her goodies in the car, we toddled on down to World Market for a bit, where they normally stock Vegemite but were out of it, hit the bookstore, and headed back to the Little City.

One more stop was necessary, though, at Aldi, and you know what? I’ve been missing out! My first visit there won’t be my last. Cheap wine and coffee and yogurt (their Greek yogurt is tasty!) and other good stuff and I shamelessly bought a bit of chocolate, my first in three months. It better be good!

Thanks, S, for such a great day! The market crawl, despite the lack of Vegemite, was a success.

Have a peaceful Sunday, and be happy.  I’ll see you all on Monday.


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  1. Wow, sounds like fun…and I am surprised that I didn’t run into you! I visited Dale this weekend and we went to World Market, Whole Foods, and a few others! World Market was especially fun this time of year. Glad you had such a good day!

  2. Thanks for sharing a fun day with me, K!


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