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It’s been a full and pretty happy day, though it did include saying “so long, I’ll see you later” to a dear friend.

Not too many years ago, I wouldn’t have had this kind of bittersweet experience. I wouldn’t have had a friend to miss when she moves, and I wouldn’t have met and fallen in love with Mr. F, and I wouldn’t have known the pain of true heartbreak, or have any real knowledge of what love is really all about. As much as seeing my friend move away makes me sad, and as much as my heart has ached over losing the love of my life, there’s still abundant gratitude in having them be a part of my life. I hope they both know that.

It’s been kind of an odd day, weather-wise, with temps in the mid-70s (lovely), brief, sudden rain (not so bad), rain falling out of a clear blue sky (weird), and the promise of plummeting temps tonight and tomorrow and possible snow showers (ICK). So I guess it was a good thing I got out today (wearing shorts) for a walk after lunch with the girls and knitting and trying on all kinds of gorgeous knitted shawls and scarves and wraps.

Kind of a Saturday mishmash, huh? Ah well–that’s okay. I hope your day was a good one, whatever you did and whoever you spent your time with. It’s good not to be alone.

I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll see you on Monday. Until then, be happy.




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I'm a reader and writer and knitter, a sister, daughter, and friend. This blog is my letter, of love and hate, frustration and joy, rants and praises, to a great big world. You can read it if you want to.

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