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A nine dollar cure?

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So I haven’t been feeling great for a while now, having kind of vague but persistent symptoms. I’m stubborn about going to the doctor for two reasons: I don’t have insurance and a simple office call runs me about a hundred bucks, and I’m always certain he’s going to tell me I have some dire disease for which there is no cure. Also, I just don’t like going. My blood pressure always spikes and the nurse gets all worked up over it even though I tell her my blood pressure will be high. Oddly enough, the doc never says a thing about it.

WebMD is great for people like me who are both frugal and fearful and I finally got around to checking it out yesterday. Seems I may have a B 12 vitamin deficiency and as such, I may be anemic. B Complex, anyone? I bought some yesterday for nine bucks and dosed myself and I’ll be danged if I don’t feel better already. Not great yet, but better. For nine bucks, that’s pretty sweet, and I’m hopeful that continued daily doses will restore me to a feeling-pretty-good state.

I’ve long been a believer in using home remedies wherever possible. You may think I’m nuts and I’m okay with that, but I keep something I learned some years ago in the back of my mind: I saw a family physician on some PBS special who had 35 years on the job. He said that, early on in his career, he began tracking how effective medical intervention was on his patients and he found that 80% of the time, the body will heal itself, given time. 10% of the time, what he did was a help to his patients; the remaining 10% of the time, what he did had an adverse effect.

I’m all for giving it time, and if there’s an inexpensive, readily available aid as well, I’ll use it.

And don’t worry, I go to the doc when I’m really, truly, “I can’t fix this myself” kind of sick. Thankfully, that’s rare for me. I hope it continues to be rare, too. I’ve been remarkably lucky to have enjoyed relatively good health for as long as I have, and to have avoided hospitalization my entire life.

I’ve had my dose of B today–time for some D this afternoon. It’s blessedly sunny out there and I’m going to soak it in.


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