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I’ve been working this morning and it’s gone by quickly. I’m glad I got dressed before logging onto work, because while it’s wonderfully sunny out, it’s still chilly and those socks on my feet feel pretty good.

It’s a funny thing about this job of mine–in the early days, I hated it. Thought it was stupid and pointless and the tasks I did were agonizingly boring. Now, though, I’m so glad of this work I have. It wouldn’t support most lifestyles, but it does mine for now, and for now? that’s all I’m asking of it.

I’d dreamed of being able to work from home for years before I found this job through a friend who worked with this company as well, and I recognized the irony in having finally found a legitimate work-at-home job only to scorn it. Silly me. Now, it seems, the more I work, the more work is available to me, and compared to many jobs I’ve had, this is dead easy. My only complaints are that my butt often hurts from sitting too long and I’m pretty sure I need new glasses after staring at my computer screen for too many hours. Those are pretty mild compared to some complaints I’ve had at other jobs, from unfair working conditions (10 to 12 hours with nothing but potty breaks? I sorta think that might be illegal) to vindictive co-workers.

Yep, I’ve got it pretty good for now. I’m grateful.


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