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I had a sudden attack of vertigo earlier–I’m still a bit woozy from it, and now feeling chilled and headachy. Our bodies do funny things to us, don’t they?

I’ve experienced vertigo a few times prior to this. It is not a pleasant sensation. My worst attack was immediate and vicious and I recall being spreadeagled on my bed, hands and feet clamped to the sides of my mattress because the feeling of motion was so strong I felt as if I’d be flung off otherwise.

All sorts of odd thoughts go through one’s head when illness hits like that. Is this a heart attack? A stroke? The flu? Why this? Why now? Can’t I just have one day of feeling good without having to pay for it? What if I have to pee? Can I make it to the bathroom? Weirdest of all, I was (and still am) hungry and I was wondering if a tuna sandwich would be a mistake. I’m erring on the side of a resounding “yes!” on that one.

I think I’m going to go lie down for a while longer now, until the weirdness completely passes.

Later: it was a pretty miserable afternoon and I’m not feeling good yet, but am much better. Whatever this is, I don’t recommend it.


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