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Weekend review and a tech sabbath

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So the week has been a good one in terms of my physical being. Although I did a whole lot more walking last night than I had counted on–easily three times my normal mileage–and I didn’t have my knee brace, I can still move (slowly) this morning. I’ll take it. Add that to several walks earlier in the week and I’ve had some good physical activity for the week and it ain’t over yet. Yay for me!

I achieved my goal of four full weeks without sugary snacks of any kind, so can I get a Woot! Woot!? I’m still seeing subtle but oh-so-welcome changes in my body as I continue to say “no” to sugar, and you can bet that I feel better overall, too. This has been such a good thing! I’ll be working on cutting down my carbs next. Wish me luck!

One last thing–I’m taking a tech sabbath starting tonight (Saturday) and continuing through tomorrow. This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time, as I spend waste far too much time online doing absolutely nothing. I think it’ll do me good to shut the computer down for 24 hours or so and rediscover life beyond this small screen. It won’t be a total tech blackout as I’ll still have my phone and will be watching some TV, but then, I don’t linger over either of those the way I do over the computer. I’m viewing this as a refreshing pause and, if it feels good, I will be taking other tech sabbaths in the future.

Oh–one last last thing–I’m taking a moment tomorrow to stop and intentionally think about my friends, to send good thoughts and hopes that whatever struggles and heartaches and burdens they may have will be easier on them. I’ll be sending my hopes for joy and a light heart and sunny days. I’ll be taking a further step of lighting a candle as a deliberate pause in my day to do this. I hope to establish this as a Sunday ritual. If it feels right to you, maybe you can take a moment or two in your day and send your thoughts and hopes and prayers to those who mean something to you, too. Life is short. Do some good while you can.

I’ll see you on Monday.


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