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It’ll all work out

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I’m doing a little multitasking now, sneaking in a few words here while I work my online gig.

I’m in a somewhat familiar place right now when I’m faced with too much month at the end of my money and I’m also running short on some groceries. If you know me, you know I like to eat on a regular basis, with three squares and an afternoon snack my standard. I’m also getting low on coffee and that could be so, so bad–I need my hit of coffee in the morning to help me wake up and also to stave off headaches caused by caffeine deficiency.

It’s true that I could run to the bank and get some more cash, but that always feels like cheating to me. I have a monthly cash allowance, that, for most months, is plenty, but with a huge (for me) buy of necessaries at the start of the month as well as a bit of frivolity, I’m running a little  short of the ready.

So it was kind of dumb to order yarn this morning. The money to pay for it is hoarded birthday money from several years ago, so it’s not as if I’m robbing myself to pay for it. And I could use that hoarded money for groceries, but again, that feels like cheating to me.

The thing is, I like the challenge of making a little bit stretch as far as I can. I like getting creative about how to provide for my needs. I like sometimes wondering where the money is ever going to come from, for whatever it is, and having it all turn out just fine in the end. I like that, no matter how tight money has been for me in the past, I’ve never run out. There has always been money for what was necessary, and even for what wasn’t. That’s one of the things I like about me–an almost stupidly blind optimism that things will work out. I don’t have it in all life events, and would you believe those are the times things go awry? But in money matters, hey–there’s always been enough, and something in me says there always will be.


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