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So I’m waiting.

Waiting for work–the log-in page shows there’s work available at the online job, but when I click on the link, nothing happens. There are only about so many times you can click on a link that doesn’t work before you start feeling like a complete goober. About half a dozen times in a row would be that number of times.

I’m waiting to see if the latest hat project is going to be just massively, mishapenly huge. It’s kind of a game now, and I keep trying it on as it gets longer and I still keep thinking “yep, way too big” even for my big giant head, but I keep knitting. I don’t even like the yarn–more plastic stuff–or the color and I’m starting to not like the pattern, but I’m knitting and waiting. It could all come out really great, if only I wait.

I’m waiting to see how a truly strange personal situation will turn out. Right now, it’s a whole lot of cooling my heels and wondering which one of us is the more screwed up. Right now, I’d say we’re in a dead heat in that department and I realize that continuing to wait may be utterly futile, but I keep doing it anyway. Something’s got to give at some point, and when it does, I’ll be here, waiting.

I’m really good at waiting. If I could get paid for it, I’d become a professional waiter, not in that I’d bring you your food, but in that I’d stand in line for you, or hang at the airport for you, or sit at the hospital for you. I’m really good at stuff like that. I can wait forever, with only the odd burst of rabid impatience.

“The greatest power is often simple patience.”
–E. Joseph Cossman

If this is true, then I have superpowers.



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